Initial consultation and site appraisal

A full design project usually involves the following stages.
First, we will meet with you on site to ensure we understand the space we are designing for and what your requirements are. At this stage we establish broad ideas for the design, taking into consideration the desired look, feel, and function of the space.
We will carry out a detailed site analysis and make visual records of the site. In most instances this will include a full survey of the space. Desired timescales for the project and initial budgets will be discussed.

A scale plan drawing showing the exact position of all the survey data is completed before any concept designs are prepared. We will also write a contact report which is sent to you to ensure that we have correctly interpreted your requirements.

Design Concept

Using the information gathered from the consultation and site analysis we will then produce a series of sketches to illustrate our design concept for the space.
We will include aerial plans and, where requested, 3-D views. We will meet with you to present and discuss initial design, looking at options for materials and looking at mood boards.

Developed design

The next stage is to progress the sketch proposal into a detailed scale plan showing planting and hard landscaping plus details of any bespoke elements such as buildings or water features. Complex projects may require a detailed landscape specification document, including materials and construction details. Detailed planting plans with full schedules are usually provided, although a few clients prefer to handle the planting design themselves.

Design proposal

Planting Plans

If you want to redesign your existing borders or create some new ones we can provide you with a scale plan showing each plant in a new scheme, along with a detailed plant schedule. This process ensures that the garden is filled with plants that suit the style, the conditions and the size of the space. We can source plants from a variety of specialist trade growers giving you excellent plant quality at really competitive prices.

Additional services

In addition we can carry out these optional services on your behalf.

Project management

Clients sometimes do not wish to supervise the build stage of their project. We can undertake this on your behalf and work hard with your landscaper to ensure your project is delivered to the highest standard working in a flexible, practical and efficient way.

Installation of soft landscaping

We can undertake the Sourcing and procurement of plants, and carry out the planting if required.


Once the project is complete we can provide a garden maintenance schedule, including a pruning timetable. We can also revisit the garden on an annual basis.

Design sketch


Fees for designing a garden start at £550 for a small garden. To discuss your requirements in detail and to obtain an estimate of costs please contact Sharon.

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