Headford Garden Design has been creating beautiful and innovative gardens in Somerset, as well as nationally and in France since 1992.
As a garden and landscape designer I will help you to define exactly what you want from your outside space so that, in addition to performing various practical functions, the space reflects the needs, personalities and tastes of the people who will use it.

Full Design Service

For a completely fresh look and a change of layout or style, we can provide a full service, to include site survey, plan drawings and planting plans. Every project is different and this is reflected in the level of service we provide. We work with each client individually to create a garden that reflects your lifestyle and personality. The aim of every project is to create a unique and beautiful space tailored to your needs.

How we work

Practical guidance

Sometimes clients simply need practical on-the-spot advice about how to deal with a particular problem. Sharon provides advisory consultations to discuss anything of concern, including general gardening problems - from 1 hour advisory visits to longer consultations, please contact us for a quote.

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